July 23, 2019 Newsletter

We want to extend a big Thank You to all who have donated to the Paddle to Lummi Blanket Project, and announce that the blankets have arrived and are available for pick-up for Olympia area folks!

Olympia area pick-up:
New Traditions (store side)
300 5th Ave SW
Olympia, WA 98501
Pick up between 11am and 6pm, and be sure to have your name marked off of our master list.

Please continue to watch this newsletter and our website https://learningrightrelations.org/canoe-journey-support for pick-up details for Bellingham and Port Townsend areas.

Feel free to email learningrightrelations@gmail.com with any questions!

Read further for more information on Canoe Journey Landings:

Proclamation Canoe Journey.png

Paddle to Lummi Updates - from Native Events newsletter

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Sqweshenet Tse Schelangen
July 24-28, 2019

On behalf of Lummi Nation we would like to extend an invitation to "Paddle to Lummi" 2019, Sqweshenet Tse Schelangen "Honoring Our way of Life" July 24-28th.  The Lummi people are honored to welcome all our relations traveling the traditional highways of the ancestors to participate in this year’s journey. Together we will celebrate, honor and preserve the unique cultural heritage of the Coast Salish people. We are expecting approximately 10,000 people and over 100 canoes coming to our shores. With their arrival we will share in potlatch traditional song, dance, and testimonies that have provided our people over the generations with hope, healing, and happiness.    

The journey honors the rich traditions of Coast Salish tribes of the Northwest, who travel the waters to meet and gather for trade, ceremony, and celebration. Canoe Journey holds special significance to Coast Salish Tribes as it truly honors and nourishes the unique relationships and connections with the land, water, and one another. The Lummi people are delighted and honored to host this year’s event.

Livestreaming of Landing and Protocol (can sign up to be notified)
Wed. July 24, Livestreaming of Landing, starting at 7:00 am
Wed. July 24, Livestreaming of Protocol7:00 pm (Protocol goes around the clock, 24 hours a day, through the 27th, ends the evening of the 28th at uncertain time.)

HEADS UP - for those traveling to Lummi
Canoe Landings Wed, July 24 starting at 11:00 am. It will last a while into the day. Record crowds are expected at Lummi on July 24 when canoes come ashore. This year 111 Canoe families are currently scheduled to land and there will be up to 18,000 people on shore to greet them. No shade, no seating!BRING:sun hats, sun screen, water bottles (sites for refilling on the grounds), sack lunch or purchase lunch from vendors (on your own), lawn chair.

Transportation Tips: Catch WTA's Route 50 to Lummi Nation for Paddle to Lummi Events. Catch WTA'sRoute 50to Lummi Nation. From Route 50 stops, you can walk, catch Lummi Tribal Transit, or catch a WTA shuttle to event sites. Want to Park and Ride? Lummi Tribal Transit or WTA buses can shuttle you from remote parking lots to event sites.

Shuttle ScheduleCaution: Pay attention to times of last shuttles.

Breakfast(unknown times)
Lunchon your own with exception diabetics and elders
4:00 seniors and diabetics
5:00 canoe families
6:00 general public

Volunteer Registration now closed online. Show-up and go to Volunteer Command, on the Stommish Grounds, white building on your right as you walk to the shore to register and be assigned a job.
If you want to help in the kitchen, serving food, or preparing food a food handling permit is required. This can be obtained at

Google Maps and Accommodations
Zoom in and out by moving mouse up and down the image.

Site Maps(can use magnifying glass to read color coding)
Stommish Ground for Canoe Landings
Wexliemfor protocol
Lummi Nation Schoolfor meals and food venders (for lunch)

Guest and Visitors Resources
Lummi Fitness Center
First Aid Tents
Clinic Hours
Youth Activities Schedule

Pdf download of Canoe Family Directory(registered canoes coming in, and tribe of origin)

Our elected officials wrote letters in support of this canoe journey. View them below.

Governor Jay Inslee;  Suzan DelBeneRick LarsenDoug EriksenLuanne VanWervenSharon Shewmake

Amy Troyer-Karas