February 11, 2019 Newsletter

For our upcoming February Gathering, we look forward to the opportunity to delve into our working groups and build relationships and community within our group as we collectively work to support through action our Coast Salish neighbors. Karen Capuder, who was scheduled to speak, is unable to make it due to the extreme weather and will be joining us at a later date. Please see link below for the introduction of her captivating dissertation, which beautifully weaves together personal narrative and history. 

The date for this upcoming Gathering has changed to Sunday February 24th. Please watch this newsletter, our facebook page - www.facebook.com/learningrightrelations, or our website www.learningrightrelations.org for confirmation of the details of this event.

Click here for link to Introduction to Karen Capuder's dissertation, Forked Tongues at Sequalitchew: A Critical Indigenist Anthropology of Place in Nisqually Territory

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A recent study has found that the colonization of Turtle Island had a significant impact on the Earth's climate. Click here to view study: Earth system impacts of the European arrival and Great Dying in the Americas after 1492

Click here for article in The Guardian: European colonization of Americas killed so many it cooled Earth's climate

Systematic injustice against Native peoples in what is known as North America is not just a historical fact. It is a contemporary reality. Nearly 50 percent of youth in Canadian jails are Indigenous. Click here to read article: Canada Is Sending a Generation Of Indigneous Children To Jail

"And Now We Know: Indigenous Artists Write the World"
The Gallery at Kenneth J. Minnaert Center for the Arts
South Puget Sound Community College 
February 7th to March 8th 

Curated by artist Asia Tail, the exhibition features Indigenous artists of the Pacific Northwest, working across media at the intersection of literary and visual arts. The Gallery will also host a library with a selection of publications by local Native writers.

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Amy Troyer-Karas